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  • Shooter Scorecard

    Shooter scorecard is a mobile app that is used to track scores for sporting clay enthusiasts. It is very flexible and powerful in that it can be used as a simple scorecard for your shooting round or as a much more analytical tool to maintain your shooting historical scores and track what types of targets are shot best and what targets are presenting the most challenge.

    This app is currently being developed on the Windows and Android platforms and is anticipated to be ported to iPhone once the first phase of testing is completed. It is being developed as a cross platform app so the basic ability to run on the iPhone is already supported. Our goal for this app is to service a very active sporting clays community with a tool to help them analyze and improve their games.

    Project Y

    What is project Y? Well it is not project X :) We have one of those and it's in a holding pattern for now. Project Y is a demo really. We are looking to put out a quick mobile game to get our feet wet in the market. Test out the free to play market with in app purchases etc. There are a few ideas we have floating around but are very much open and look for new innovative ideas that can be produced quickly and prove some form of financial viability. If you have just that idea talk to us!

    Do YOU have the next great mobile app idea that just needs maturing and talent to see it happen? We really do want to hear from people who can help us move projects forward. If you have something you would like to discuss with us please get in touch. We are always looking for financial backing or advertising partners for apps and fellow independent developers to make our community concepts a reality. Don't hesitate to let us know and become a part of something.