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  • Relaunch!

    We are proud to be relaunching the studio back into application and content development! Our goals this year will be to spin up our development infrastructure and see a couple of smaller projects through to completion. We've been busy over the last couple of years and although the focus hasn't been on development, we've managed to purchase new software, tools and hardware to really step us forward.

    What's next?

    Glad you asked! Our first task is to publish our standards and best practices for development. This will include high level strategies and detailed guidelines for development parameters. This helps set expectations for both collaborators and our clients. In the end our goal is to provide not just good quality content but content that is flexible, robust and sustainable. These standards and best practices will help define and evolve those goals.

    How about long term plans?

    In short? We want to produce applications and entertainment software that are commercially viable. Our strategy is to develop a pool of talented resource specialists who are experts in their area and provide them paid work contracts. This means bringing products to market and putting our brand out there as a source of quality applications and content. As we do this we want to leverage the great online development communities and secondary markets for content and development that exist today and maybe even create our own markets with relationships with existing development studios. The key to our long term success strategy though is to build on a solid foundation. That is the groundwork we are laying today for a strong launchpad to commercial success.

    Stay tuned!