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    02 Mar 2018 / Mark MacPherson

    Whats Up!

    It's been several years since we've done active development on our Forgotten Lands project but it's always exciting to get back to it. With each new re-launch of the development cycle we experience amazing advances in middleware technologies, server capabilities and an ever growing availability of hyper talented indie developers. Equally invaluable to the success of the project is the experience and leadership that I have had the opportunity to develop professionally. Having actively managed multi-million dollar technology and integration programs and being a key IT Infrastructure coordinator on a 4 billion dollar corporate divertiture has given me a fresh way to approach Forgotten Lands and many new tools to achieve milestones and goals.

    How are we getting there?

    I have a roadmap to make Forgotten Lands a reality and keep it a reality through a very reasonable and sustainable financial model.The project has milestones, guiding principles and strategies to achieve our goals. What we need are some talented individuals to elevate our work to the schedule it needs to hit to keep us on track. Our targets are achievable and the end goals are rewarding and not unreasonable in terms of scope and scale for an indie MMO development. We will be, once again, investing in some contract work to move ahead our critical path technology deliverables to get us to where we need to be. Once the critical path items have been resolved we will be looking for a handful of core people who are experts in their area and are willing to invest their time into the project and be apart of the actual release of Forgotten Lands.

    What are the next steps?

    For the last several weeks the server has been running a recently upgraded instance server build with zero errors or crashes. The database engine is chugging along happily and the login server hasn't skipped a beat. As mentioned earlier I want to invest in some coding expertise to assist with a couple of core, critical path targets with the various servers. Once that is done I will begin actively looking for a skilled Unity / C# developer to assist with the work to get us to Milestone 1 (Pre-Alpha). Shortly after (or at the same time) I will be looking for a skilled, low-poly, character modeller.

    Stay tuned!



    09 Jul 2015 / Mark MacPherson


    We are proud to be relaunching the studio back into application and content development! Our goals this year will be to spin up our development infrastructure and see a couple of smaller projects through to completion. We've been busy over the last couple of years and although the focus hasn't been on development, we've managed to purchase new software, tools and hardware to really step us forward.

    What's next?

    Glad you asked! Our first task is to publish our standards and best practices for development. This will include high level strategies and detailed guidelines for development parameters. This helps set expectations for both collaborators and our clients. In the end our goal is to provide not just good quality content but content that is flexible, robust and sustainable. These standards and best practices will help define and evolve those goals.

    How about long term plans?

    In short? We want to produce applications and entertainment software that are commercially viable. Our strategy is to develop a pool of talented resource specialists who are experts in their area and provide them paid work contracts. This means bringing products to market and putting our brand out there as a source of quality applications and content. As we do this we want to leverage the great online development communities and secondary markets for content and development that exist today and maybe even create our own markets with relationships with existing development studios. The key to our long term success strategy though is to build on a solid foundation. That is the groundwork we are laying today for a strong launchpad to commercial success.

    Stay tuned!



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