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    Flybynight Studios has been our working name since 2004. The work being done included contributions from other indie developers and I used this name to identify our project developments. Over time we had many developers contribute to our projects and as the developments matured the name has kind of just stuck.

    Whats in a name?

    I know right? Flybynight generally refers to a semi-sketchy situation but that was the whole tongue in cheek fun in the name. I was an indie developer working on very large scale projects with the help of a bunch of other independent talent who all had day jobs. (Or wished we did) The decision was made to call a spade a spade and be able to laugh about it with other folks. The fact of the matter is as a studio we've been around the indie game market longer than a lot of fully funded triple A title companies and we're proud of that fact.

    What kind of skillsets does FBN currently have?

    Lots! A victim of the nature of independent developments we've had to become great at a lot of different things.

    • Intermediate 3D modelling (Primarily Blender and Milkshape)
    • Intermediate skinning and 2D artwork (Photoshop)
    • Network transport and IP traffic management (20+ years as network professionals)
    • MySQL, SQL and PostgreSQL database development
    • Unity 3D, C#, C++ entry level coding
    • Various scripting languages (15+ years of various scripting language development)
    That's kind of just the tip of the iceberg but basically we've been in the development world long enough to be well versed in the tools needed to put out quality products.

    Are you hiring?

    We like to approach work today as developing a community of excellence with like minded people. Yes we often have contract work that we will make available to the community as projects are funded and moved forward but there are no full time positions currently available. That being said if you are a skilled developer we definitely want to talk. Let's get to know each other and see if we can't find work together. Join the community and let's make projects happen!

    What kind of project work are you taking on?

    We like to take on work that we can deliver with excellence. Opportunities that have a strong potential to be sustainable and succesful as well as piece work for other peoples projects to enable them to be successful. That being said, we would like to continuously develop our pool of talent and application resources as a library to be used in future initiatives.